Yea, that’s me… in Wonder Woman underoos & sporting a ukulele – WHAT? So as I’ve spent HOURS trying to fix all of my gym mixes & class playlists… I felt compelled to also make a mix of music I generally listen to on the daily. Little pedestrian and different from my workout persona – […]


OK OK OK – and here we have MAY 2nd… while I get the other ones all fixed and perfect for you… REMEMBER: 1. *SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY* 2. FOLLOW ME  by clicking on my name HERE: APRIL 9, 2013  OR by posting the text here: (spotify:user:1265122439) into the white search box at top left of […]


If you’ve trained with me or taken just one of my classes it’s kinda no surprise: I love myself some good plank exercises. Yes they’re hard. Yes they burn… but YES – THEY ARE EFFECTIVE! Legitimately, the plank is one of the most effective core building exercises which targets your rectus abdominus, obliques, lower back and all […]


CELIAC DISEASE!!! DON’T EAT GLUTEN! GLUTEN FREE! So what the %$&$ is GLUTEN anyway?! And is cutting it entirely out of your diet something you NEED to do?! Well let’s break it all down… WHAT THE %$&$ IS GLUTEN!?!?!?: Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat (including spelt, kamut, farro and bulgur) and grains such […]


Ok, not so much news breaking – but I’m sorta into it  – so humor me. Yes – the WEDGE SNEAKER has sorta taken casual fashion by storm and we can thank Isabel Marant for starting this thing going with the following $695 beauty… Yep, The Bekett has been seen on basically every celeb to […]


We did this already last week… (See: TUNES FOR THURSDAY June 5th) So here I am again – back logging these for you… Now this brings us to APRIL. Oy, this will never end…This is what you gotta do: 1. *SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY* 2. FOLLOW ME  by clicking on my name HERE: APRIL 9, […]


I’ve so excited! This weekend, the New York Times reported on an amazing exercise studio in Tribeca that basically married two of my favorite things into one. Here’s AQUA, a high-end boutique fitness club that offers spinning – IN WATER. Yes, that’s correct – bikes immersed in water. The newest trend in Europe, “Aquacycling,” is now […]


So Monday, basically everyone ever, reported on a sandwich coming to the San Diego County Fair that gave me a coronary just looking at the description… THE KRISPY KREME SLOPPY JOE. I just can’t on SO many levels that I actually can again. Like it goes all the way around. I’m all for having some […]


I love peanut butter. LOVE. If I could live on peanut butter and jelly all day every day – I would. But let’s be honest, a serving of peanut butter packs in the cals and fat. Now while yes, yes – it’s “good fat…” It’s not so “good,” when you make out with an entire […]

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I dunno really what to say here… Meet Fauja Singh, a 102 year old man, who in February of this year completed the Hong Kong marathon as his final race.  While this route (a mini mini marathon) was a mere 6.25 miles (let’s be honest, today I ran three and fell asleep w my shoes […]